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Fireside Chats: AAFA

Sourcing Journal’s Fireside Chat Video Series features dynamic one-on-one discussions with in-the-know C-Suite executives. Hosted by SJ president and founder Edward Hertzman, the 3-part series is delivered in a format that’s easily shareable on sponsors’ sites, social media and newsletters.

The Fireside Chats allow executives to:

— Highlight issues facing their part of the supply chain

— Express a call to action for change

— Provide a reality check for issues that are too often overlooked

— Reveal a deeply held belief or goal

Click through to hear American Apparel & Footwear Association president and CEO Rick Helfenbein discuss the disruptive effect tariffs have had on our industry, how long the trade war is likely to last and what the situation has revealed about the vulnerabilities in the apparel supply chain.